Monday, 26 December 2016

Best offers on Christmas at Jersey sheet sets

Buy Jersey sheet sets on sale

The sheet sets are available in all sizes from Twin XL to California King. The Christmas sale season has just begun, lelaan like its previous sales has not stopped just right there but is bringing in new offers and rewards for its customers with every new sale. The 30 days free trial policy is another jewel in the lelaan online store sale necklace. Jersey sheet sets, Flannel sheet sets, , Modal sheets Melange sheets, Percale sheets, and Sateen linens are used for sheet sets. Many stores sell 100% cotton sheets, durable with fine texture and finish. As the thread counts vary, al the mentioned sheet sets are used for different seasons. Jersey sheet sets are 100 % cotton knitted with a thread count of 150-GSM; it’s strong and durable despite the low thread count. These sheet sets are for bi-seasonal use. Another example is jersey sheets , it is made up of 100% Turkish cotton, with 150 GSM, as the sheet sets then fall in synthetic fabric category, if the thread count crosses over 400 thread count. Jersey on the other hand is 100% dyed cotton. The sheet sets are breathable and light weight.

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